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Norcroft are UK, Ireland and European distributors for Keepsafe and Square Deal fencing - the original and only proven wire systems from Keystone Red Brand Products.


Fencing remains an essential part of today’s equine industry. Owners and breeders rightly demand safety as a priority above all else, but also require strength, durability and a pleasing appearance.

Keepsafe offers just that. It remains the first choice of professionals and is widely used throughout the world as a comprehensive fencing solution for mares, foals, yearlings and stallions as well as for cattle and sheep.


First manufactured in 1909, few wire systems can claim such durability. Examples of Keepsafe remain on stud farms in the US after 60 years. Product durability offers long-term economies with low maintenance costs. Keepsafe, the professional choice offers you a counterwoven wire system with unique safety.


Keepsafe has a unique counterwoven diamond shape pattern, ensuring that no rough edges remain on either side. The widest part is less than 2” (50mm) giving long term safety to valuable horses.

The smooth springy texture of the fence allows horses to brush and bump harmlessly against the surface and virtually eliminates fence related equine injuries.

The close-knit weave effectively bars predators from entry into the horse paddock when installed to ground level.


Keepsafe is accepted as the strongest stock fence available. Strong enough to withstand the abuse of stallions, yet safe enough for the smallest foals.

The 2-ply cable construction gives extra linear strength and flexibility similar to a safety net. The record speaks for itself with over 50 year backed by the Red Brand label.

Keepsafe offers the ideal fence where paddocks are used to accommodate mares and foals and alternated with cattle and sheep to ensure good paddock condition.


Keepsafe with its attractive diamond shape mesh pattern enhances any property and combined with pressure creosoted support posts and top site rail all adds to its aesthetic value. A combination that looks good as well as being the most practical and versatile fence available.

Product Information

Keepsafe is a diamond mesh made from heavy twisted horizontal cables – each consisting of two 12.5 gauge wires with 4” spacing from ground to top. Vertical 14 gauge wires, securely wrapped around each horizontal cable, run diagonally to make the triangular pattern, thus forming the strongest and safest fence construction known.

A deer and wildlife Keepsafe manufactured to the same specification is also available for deer and wildlife parks with a 4” x 4” (100mm x 100mm) mesh pattern.

Product code Fence height Roll height Roll weight
Inch mm yds m lbs. Kg
77855 50 1270 55 50.3 240 109
77856 58 1470 55 50.3 280 127
77857 70 1775 55 50.3 350 159
Deer & Wildlife
79553 96 2440 55 50.3 270 123

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