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Square Deal


Before any type of fencing is purchased, owners and breeders should seriously consider using the Square Deal horse fence.

Square Deal is manufactured by a US wire producer and is backed by 100 years of traditional fencing and carries the Red Brand label, a guarantee of product quality.

Square Deal is endorsed by many of the leading thoroughbred farms in the US and is now available through Norcroft, the sole European distributor.


A long-standing member of the Red Brand family of American made fencing. Square Deal offers durability few fencing systems can match.

The heavy duty bright finish galvanised wire is designed and constructed to maximise the close woven pattern, offering maximum durability, even on impact, but preventing buckling or sagging, even after years of service.


The Square Deal closely woven 2” x 4” (50mm x 100mm) rectangular mesh pattern is designed to withstand the most vigorous of equine antics with ease. The narrow pattern prevents horses from stepping through or “walking down” the fence.

Each strand of wire is locked in place by the Square Deal knot and the only way the mesh can be breached is by cutting each strand individually.

Square Deal, a very reputable name in fencing on horse farms and studs throughout the USA. Square Deals exclusive crossover knot system ensures no distortion in the closely woven mesh.


The performance and strength can only be matched by far heavier gauge wire fences. Square Deal offers rigid, yet flexible construction that makes it ideal for installation over rolling meadows and hilly terrain.

Square Deal offers an economical alternative where paddocks are used for both horse and cattle and sheep and avoids the necessity of additional electric fencing.


Square Deal with its work-man-like heavy mesh pattern enhances the value of any property. This combined with pressure creosoted support posts and top site rail all adds to its aesthetic value.

Product Information

Square Deal horse fence is woven from 12.5 gauge steel wire using a unique crossover knot system to form a 2″ x 4″ (50mm x 100mm) rectangular mesh pattern, thus forming the strongest and safest fence construction known.

The wire is galvanised for a bright silver finish and long term weather protection.

Product code Fence height Roll height Roll weight
Inch mm yds m lbs. Kg
70310 48 1220 100 30.5 122 55
70314 60 1525 100 30.5 151 69
70318 72 1830 100 30.5 179 81

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