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Security Fencing

Palisade Fencing

Our Norcroft palisade fencing is available in a wide range of specifications and our range offers both flexible and secure fencing when it comes to meeting your requirements. Palisade fencing is the most popular choice of security fencing. It is designed to provide a robust, good quality, secure solution for your fencing needs.

We can also offer a full Polyester Powder Coating service in a wide range of colours to suit the surroundings and use of the fence.

Norcroft will also be happy to offer you a higher security fencing system where required.

Bow-top Fencing

Bow-top fencing is used for areas with a lower security risk, but it provides a more pleasing appearance.

The lower heights that bow-top fencing provides offer a favourable solution to areas that require division.

V-Mesh Fencing

Our Norcroft mesh fencing is a heavier design that increases the time it takes to break, making it a more secure solution. Our mesh fencing features twin horizontal wires sandwiching single vertical wires.

Here at Norcroft, we offer:

  • Steel palisade fencing
  • Steel palisade gates
  • Bow-top/welded bar fencing
  • Mesh fencing
  • V-Mesh fencing
  • Paladin fencing
  • Chain link and all mesh systems of security fencing

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