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All Weather Paddocks & Arenas

All Weather Paddocks

Norcroft provide all-weather turnout paddocks. These all-weather paddocks are small, non-irrigated, non-grazable holding pens or exercise lots. These areas are heavily used for livestock feeding and watering, loafing, exercising or temporary confinement. These paddocks are also designed to minimise hoof damage.

Our all-weather paddocks are made from a combination of geo-textile material and limestone. this combination of products creates a surface area which stays relatively dry and mud free. All-weather paddocks reduce sediment erosion and protects the overall health and integrity of horse pastures and exercise areas.

The paddocks also allow for rotation of pastures to enable establishment of more mature and dense vegetation, which aids in reducing mud.

Riding Arenas

Our riding arenas are perfect for horse lovers or riding schools suffering from bad ground conditions due to poor drainage. Our arenas are a great solution as they are built with a drainage system that provides a permeable surface which allows you to ride in any weather.

Our standard arena size is 20.0m x 40.0m and our larger arena size is 40.0m x 80.0m, but our arenas can be built to your own individual specifications.

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